Leather Dining Room & Kitchen Chairs

SL-0060 Dining Chair w/Gunmetal Finish

US $489.00   US $329.00

SL-005-GR Dining Chair

US $389.00   US $269.00

RS-4245 Beige Fabric Dining Chair

US $449.00   US $299.00

SR-101306 Sculpted Dining Chair

US $699.00   US $569.00

SR-101325 Grey Fabric Dining Chair

US $559.00   US $439.00

SR-101585 Dining Chair In Fabric

US $669.00   US $509.00

Sl-0500 Simple Fabric Dinning chair

US $259.00   US $189.00

SL-0201 Tufted Back Linen Dinning Chair

US $480.00   US $379.00

Tufted Accent Leather Dining Chair in Ivor...

US $699.00   US $398.00

RN-642 Fleecy Dining Chair

US $819.00   US $629.00

KR-55517 Transitional Dining Chair

US $499.00   US $379.00

KR-28912 Fabric Side Chair

US $359.00   US $229.00

KR-2894 Fabric Dining Chair

US $359.00   US $229.00

KR-13017 Sleek Dining Chair

US $199.00   US $129.00

RS-Kids Chair in Fabric

US $299.00   US $189.00

KR-2658 Sleek and Modern Dining Chair

US $429.00   US $299.00

Matte Black Accent Tufted Leather Dining C...

US $399.00   US $298.00

Brown Accent Leather Dining Chair w/Silver...

US $399.00   US $298.00

Red Accent Tufted Leather Dining Chair R-1071

US $399.00   US $269.00

KR-112001 Low Back Leather Dining Chair

US $499.00   US $339.00

KR-G2975 Slat Back Dining Chair

US $359.00   US $239.00

KR-20610 Transitional Side Chair in Leather

US $359.00   US $239.00

KR-20617 Transitional Side Chair in Fabric

US $389.00   US $259.00

SR-100942 Leather and Fabric Dining Chair

US $699.00   US $439.00

SL-4100 Dining Chair in Patterned Wood Finish

US $359.00   US $239.00

SR-101088 Low Back Attractive Dining Chair...

US $599.00   US $439.00

Dark Grey
RE-1078 Sleek and Stylish Dining Chair

US $429.00   US $289.00

SR-101240 Sculpted Back Dining Chair in Bl...

US $599.00   US $398.00

SR-101243 Beautifully Sculpted Blue Fabric...

US $599.00   US $398.00

SR-101145 Dining Chair

US $759.00   US $479.00


US $609.00   US $379.00


US $519.00   US $329.00


US $519.00   US $329.00

RME-1047-21 Modern Chair in Distressed Lea...

US $799.00   US $659.00

RME-1064-20 Top Grain Leather Chair w/Nai...

US $899.00   US $669.00

RME-1008-10 Contemporary Fabric Armchair ...

US $399.00   US $239.00


Dining Chairs 

Choosing dining chairs for your home is a big decision and should be done carefully. Beautiful chairs can add a lot of elegance to your dining room and impress your guests for years to come. Remember that when you are looking for dining chairs, you'll want to pay particular attention to make sure that the chairs are crafted from the finest materials, that they are well-made, that they are easy to care for and most importantly, that they are comfortable to sit in. 

For long meals with friends and family, leather dining chairs from ARTeFAC are an excellent choice. Our chairs are classy and elegant and available in a wide variety of stunning designs. They are made using the finest construction and will be family treasures for generations to come.

Caring for Dining Chairs 

Leather Parsons chairs can be simple or ornate, but one rule applies to all--if they are made from top-quality materials, they are easy to care for and will last for many years with minimal effort. All ARTeFAC leather dining chairs are crafted by hand from the finest materials and are purchased directly from the manufacturer. This way, you can rest assured that your chairs will arrive to you in perfect condition.

 Caring for good leather dining chairs is simple. The first rule is to make sure that the chairs avoid contact with sharp objects so as to keep the leather from ripping. Other than that, regular application of a good leather conditioner and periodic polishing of any wooden legs or arms will keep your chairs in top shape. 

Dining Room Chairs

 At ARTeFAC, we buy all of our dining room chairs directly from the manufacturer. In this way, we effectively cut out the middle man and are able to offer our customers wholesale prices on top quality chairs. You'll be amazed at our extensive selection of leather dining room chairs. We carry dozens of styles, and most of our designs are available in a number of different shades.

 Popular leather dining room chair colors include our chestnut brown, black, red, wenge, white and espresso shades, and many more. Many of our dining room chairs are also available with the option of contrast stitching to add interest to your dining room. If you're looking for a unique dining room chair, take a look at some of our more vivid styles which feature contrasting colors and wood stains, such as our Cream Leather Dining Chair with Wood Trim.

The ARTeFAC Boutique

 We are proud to extend an invitation to our customers to visit the leather boutique at our Toronto, Ontario location. Located just ten minutes from the Toronto airport, the boutique is a great way to get a more intimate look at our collection and to make sure that you select the chair that is the exact right fit for your home. Just call us to make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

The ARTeFAC leather boutique is also a great resource for interior designers. We are happy to work with designers to put together a set of chairs for one room or to construct a running motif for all of the chairs in a home or office. From dining room chairs to armchairs to bar stools, ARTeFAC has you covered for all of your decorating needs.

Leather Parsons Chairs

 ARTeFAC is your number one online resource for leather parsons chairs. The term parsons chair usually refers to any fabric or leather covered chair. Parsons chairs are often used for seating around dining room tables, but in fact, a parsons chair can be placed anywhere in the home or office for an elegant and classy addition to match your décor.

ARTeFAC leather parsons chairs are top quality artisenal chairs that are hand crafted using only the finest materials available. We buy our chairs directly from the manufacturer to cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to you. ARTeFAC leather parsons chairs are truly one of a kind. You'll find that our collection of leather parsons chair styles is unmatched anywhere.

Ordering from ARTeFAC

Ordering from us is simple. Browse our website to find the perfect chairs for your needs. Next, fill out our secured online ordering form, or order by telephone, and sit back--you'll have your chairs in no time. We pride ourselves on expert shipping and packing and we guarantee that your chairs will arrive to you in mint condition. ARTeFAC specializes in expert customer service. Should you have any questions along the way, or after you receive your chairs, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Our website features over three pages of leather parsons chairs, as well as myriad other pieces of leather furniture. Our chairs range in style from cutting edge to traditional. Take a look around and you're sure to find one you like. If you find yourself in the Toronto area, we invite you to stop by our office / boutique, located just ten minutes from the airport.

Customers from Alberta, Manitoba, Québec and Saskatchewan pay only 5% GST (No PST)